The Honorable the Members of the Board of Regents




Theresa E. Savo



2007-2008 Budget and Legislative Development Process




February 28, 2006




Goals 1-6







Executive Summary

Issue for Discussion


Should the existing 2006-2007 budget, legislative and State Aid initiatives be used in the development of the 2007-2008 proposals?  In other words, do these initiatives align with second half of the new 24-month calendar, the Regents priorities and the Departmentís strategic plan?  What modifications, additions and/or deletions need to be made?


            The development timeline for 2007-2008 again calls for the budget proposal, including the Regents priority legislative initiatives and the State Aid conceptual proposal, to be approved by the Full Board at the September 2006 meeting.


This is the first of several steps in the 2007-2008 budget and legislative development process as follows:


        Review the existing budget, legislative and State Aid initiatives to ensure they align with the Regents priorities, the Departmentís strategic plan and the second half of the new 24-month calendar. (March 2006);

        Discuss the draft legislative initiatives and the conceptual goals of the Regents State Aid proposal (May 2006);

        Evaluate the 2007-2008 budget initiatives proposed by the program offices in the Regents Standing Committees (June 2006);

        Discuss the proposed 2007-2008 budget initiatives and the State Aid conceptual proposal with the full Board of Regents (July 2006);

        Act on the ďBluebookĒ 2007-2008 Budget Proposal, the Regents Priority Legislative Proposal and the State Aid conceptual proposal (September 2006); and

        Approve the final 2007-2008 State Aid proposal (October 2006).

Reason(s) for Consideration


Board direction and input are sought at each step in the process of developing the Departmentís annual budget and legislative proposals.


Proposed Handling




Procedural History


          The Department budget and legislative proposals are developed over several months and involve staff from all areas of the Department. The Department budget and legislative proposals are expected to:


        be linked to the Departmentís strategic plan and the second half of the new 24-month calendar;

        achieve the outcomes established by the Regents Goals; and

        include all program areas in the development process.


Background Information


Each year, as the first step in the development process, the Board of Regents is invited to review the existing initiatives and suggest changes.  The Commissioner and Deputies then meet to make adjustments to existing initiatives or to develop new initiatives for the upcoming year.  Deputy Commissioners involve the respective Regents Standing Committees in the review and evaluation of the initiatives for the upcoming year.  The draft budget and legislative proposals, reflecting any changes recommended by the Regents Standing Committees, are then reviewed with the Full Board in July and the Regents act on the final budget and legislative proposals in September.




The Board needs to determine if the existing 2006-2007 budget, legislative and State Aid initiatives:


        align with the second half of the new 24-month calendar, the Regents priorities and the Departmentís strategic plan;

        should be used in the development of the 2007-2008 proposals; and/or

        require modifications, additions and/or deletions.


Three attachments are provided to assist you in your determination:


1.      A summary of the current (2006-2007) three-year budget initiatives;

2.      A summary of the current (2006-2007) legislative initiatives; and

3.      A summary of the Departmentís strategic plan.


Timetable for Implementation




2006-2007 Budget Initiatives for Consideration in 2007-2008
Regents Priority Budget Initiatives
Summary of Request Over Level Funding
Text Table Cost FTE
State Aid to Schools  NA  Pg. 52  $1,496,000       -
Implementation of the Regents Statewide Plan for Higher Education  Pg. 7  Pg. 56  $     53,000       -
New Century Libraries: NOVEL                             (also see Local Library Capital Construction Grants below)  Pg. 13  Pg. 48  $     14,000       -
Employment and Independence Initiative  Pg. 13  Pg. 61  $       6,000       -
Postsecondary Education and Disabilities  Pg. 15  Pg. 56  $     15,000       -
Text Table Cost FTE
Enhancing SED Staffing Capacity  Pg. 16  Pgs. 50,55 and 63  $       1,900    27
Strengthened Accountability to Ensure Effective Use of School Resources  Pg. 17  Pg. 50  $     58,800  105
Text Table Cost FTE
Cultural Education Collection Stewardship                             (no State funding required)  Pg. 23  Pg. 65  $     40,000       -
New Century Libraries:  Local Library Capital Construction Grants  Pg. 23  Pg. 65  $     30,000       -
 $                 1,674,700


2006-2007 Budget Initiatives for Consideration in 2007-2008
Future Budgetary Needs
2007-2008 2008-2009
Text Table Cost Cost
Teachers of Tomorrow Program: Teacher Recruitment and Training  Pg. 33  Pg. 56  $36,000  $  36,000
New Century Libraries  Pg. 37  Pg. 48  $86,500  $104,500
Parent Involvement Advocacy Initiative  Pg. 37  Pg. 51  $   5,000  $    5,000
State Adult Literacy Education  Pg. 38  Pg. 51  $      800  $       800
Employment and Independence Initiative:  Readers Aid  Pg. 39  Pg. 61  $      700  $    1,500
2007-2008 2008-2009
Text Table Cost Cost
Support the Civil Prosecution of Illegal Practice  Pg. 34  Pg. 58 No State Funding Required
Educate Professionals and Consumers to Prevent Harm  Pg. 36  Pg. 58 No State Funding Required
Office of the Professions Technology Initiative  Pg. 40  Pg. 58 No State Funding Required



State Aid Proposal


The Regents State Aid proposal for 2006 would ask for adequate resources through state-local partnerships so all students have the opportunity to achieve State learning standards.  This is a multi-year initiative recommending transition to a foundation program based on the cost of educating students in successful school districts.


Streamlining School Planning & Reporting


This proposal would streamline planning and reporting requirements for school districts and BOCES by reducing duplicative and burdensome separate reporting systems. Existing requirements would be replaced to the extent practicable with comprehensive, streamlined systems based on comprehensive data collection and planning and consistent with current systems of student accountability. The result would be streamlined systems aligned with the expectations inherent in a results-oriented, standards-based education system.


Increased Access to College for Students with Disabilities


This proposal would establish a $15 million funding program to improve access for students with disabilities to more postsecondary institutions and their services.


Update Public Accountancy Statute


This proposal would update the public accountancy statute for the first time since 1947. Revisions would include: clarifying services deemed to be within the scope of professional practice; overseeing the practice of peripheral services by licensees within business corporations; requiring that all licensees and firms that provide professional services to the public be registered; the authority to conduct firm inspections; and an enhanced mandatory quality review program. 


New Century Libraries


This initiative will be phased. The first phase would focus on two critical financing pieces: $14 million for NOVEL (New York Online Virtual Electronic Library) and $30 million for the first year of a construction matching grant program from FY2006-2007 through FY2010-2011.


Fee for Accreditation of Institutions of Higher Education


This proposal would authorize SED to charge a fee for accreditation, similar to other accrediting organizations.



Criminal History Record Check for Cultural Education Center Employees


This initiative would institute criminal history record checks as a security measure.     


IDEA Federal Reauthorization Conforming Legislation


This proposal would amend relevant state law to conform to final federal regulations for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which was reauthorized in 2004.







REGENTS GOAL  All students will meet high standards for academic performance and personal behavior and demonstrate the knowledge and skills required by a dynamic world.


Performance Measures[1]:


        Percentage of children entering kindergarten knowing sounds and letters

        Percentage of students meeting standards on State assessments

        Participation rates for students with disabilities on State assessments

        Percentage of ninth graders graduating high school within four years

        Number of individuals with disabilities who have received vocational rehabilitation services and have successful outcomes


Key Strategies:


1.      Promote the grade-by-grade Math and English Language Arts standards.

2.      Distribute detailed curriculum resources in math and English language arts.

3.      Expand research-based reading programs statewide.

4.      Develop policy and practice to ensure that the high school diploma signifies readiness for citizenship, work and adult responsibility.

5.      Implement the school improvement strategy, regional support networks and academic interventions for low performing schools.

6.      Focus Department oversight on districts where outcomes indicate the greatest need for improvement for students with disabilities and English language learners.

7.      Strengthen the use of library, museum, archives and public broadcasting resources to support learning.

8.      Implement grade-by-grade testing.

9.      Implement the Statewide Student Data System and Comprehensive Special Education Information System.




  REGENTS GOAL  All educational institutions will meet Regents high performance



Performance Measures:


        Percentage of schools meeting Annual Yearly Progress standards

        Number of schools on SURR list or identified as In Need of Improvement

        Number of districts identified as being in financial stress

        Percentage of applying museums and historical societies achieving an absolute charter

        Number of public libraries which become voting public library districts

        Percentage of teacher education institutions achieving the established pass rate on teacher certification examinations

        Progress on implementation of postsecondary education sectorsí master plans after four years compared to the original plans


Key Strategies:


1.      Implement middle school reforms.

2.      Begin high school reforms.

3.      Implement a system of fiscal indicators for school districts.

4.      Simplify school district reporting mandates.

5.      Require corrective action for teacher education programs that fall below the established pass rates on certification examinations. Review need to increase the pass rates or otherwise strengthen the examinations.

6.      Implement the Statewide Plan for Higher Education.

7.      Put into place a new approach for State aid to schools.

8.      Strengthen local school districtsí capacity to use data to improve instruction.

9.      Develop instructional leadership at all levels.

10.  Provide training and guidance on internal controls and fiscal fitness to school administrators and school boards.

11.  Provide guidance and training to help cultural institutions and local government records programs meet standards.

12.  Expand the capacity of colleges and universities to educate students with disabilities.

13.  Convene USNY leaders to promote stronger collaboration across institutions to improve instruction and learning.

14.  Conduct forums for educators and business leaders to collaborate on challenges shared by the education and the workforce systems.

15.  Partner with health and mental health organizations to remove barriers to learning.

16.  Expand the capacity of the vocational rehabilitation system.




 REGENTS GOAL  The public will be served by qualified, ethical professionals who remain

 current with best practice in their fields and reflect the diversity of New York State.


Performance Measures:


        Percentage of teachers teaching subjects for which they are certified

        Percentage of elementary schools with certified library media specialists

        Cycle time for determinations of summary suspensions for licensees who pose imminent public harm

        Percentage of licensed professionals who receive guidance information on professional practice issues from the Department

        Enrollment trends in graduate science programs          


Key Strategies:


1.      Recruit librarians in all fields, including school librarians.

2.      Assess progress on the Regents teaching policy.

3.      Recruit and prepare more teachers of mathematics, science, special education, and English language learners and then retain them once they are in the classroom.

4.      Coordinate implementation of the recommendations of the Regents Task Force on Nursing.

5.      Increase access to graduate and professional education programs.

6.      License and regulate the six new professions established by statute in 2002.

7.      Develop practice guidelines for the licensed professions.




 REGENTS GOAL  Education, information, and cultural resources will be available and

 accessible to all people.


Performance Measures:


        Percentage of students with disabilities in different educational settings

        Trends in classification rates for school-age students with disabilities

        Number of four- and five-year olds residing in school districts without prekindergarten or full-day kindergarten programs

        Number of New Yorkers without local public library service

        Number of on-site and electronic users of the State Archives, Library and Museum resources

        Number of collections about under-documented groups preserved and made accessible for teaching and learning

        Percentage of selected Department customer service transactions available via the internet

        Net price for full-time students from low income families to attend a NYS public postsecondary institution

        Percentage of schools and libraries with broadband connections

        Percentage of elementary and middle schools with librarians and media specialists


Key Strategies:


1.      Review early childhood education policy and practice so that all children get a good start.

2.      Make prekindergarten universal.

3.      Build capacity to educate children with disabilities in the least restrictive environment.

4.      Promote greater accessibility in the design of curriculum materials and instructional practices.

5.      Increase the pre-employment training and employment opportunities for vocational rehabilitation consumers.

6.      Increase access to postsecondary education for historically underrepresented students.

7.      Oversee the renewal of the State Museum exhibition and education programs.

8.      Expand the Documentary Heritage program.

9.      Expand the Departmentís use of the Internet for customer service, data collection and reporting, dissemination of information, and educational content.

10.  Develop a technology strategy based upon recommendations approved by the Regents from the USNY Technology Policy and Practices Council.




 REGENTS GOAL Resources under our care will be used or maintained in the public interest.


Performance Measures:


        Progress on securing site, architectural work and construction plans for a new cultural education facility compared to planned timetable

        Progress on the renewal of State Museum exhibits and renovations of the State Library compared to plan milestones

        Ratio of vocational rehabilitation funds expended to wages earned, taxes paid, and public assistance savings for consumers who are rehabilitated

        Percentage of the Departmentís priority information technology projects which are on time and on budget

        Cycle time for selected Department services

        Percentage of customers indicating they are satisfied with selected SED services

        Percentage of the Departmentís discretionary funds that are awarded to low-performing schools and high need districts


Key Strategies:


1.      Transition the Departmentís financial systems to web-based technology to improve efficiency and reliability.

2.      Ensure the Departmentís operations are effective, efficient, and are in compliance with State and federal laws and regulations.

3.      Improve the articulation between the Departmentís financial systems and those of other NYS agencies.

4.      Reduce cycle time for specific Department services.

5.      Maintain secure controls over the information contained in the Departmentís databases.

6.      Complete priority information technology projects to improve key Department services and enhance information available for policy decision-making.

7.      Complete renovations of the State Library and State Museum.

8.      Implement the new research and collections facility plan.




 REGENTS GOAL  Our work environment will meet high standards.


Performance Measures:


        Percentage of Department staff participating in professional development programs and the percentage of those staff who rate those programs as useful to their jobs

        Demographic trends in the Department workforce

        Percentage of Department employees who indicate satisfaction with quality of the work environment

        Percentage of OSHA and PESHA occupational workforce standards that Department facilities meet


Key Strategies:


1.      Expand professional development offerings for all staff based on Department and employee needs.

2.      Enhance workforce planning and opportunities for staff rotations so that the Department is prepared for the future.

3.      Increase staff diversity.

4.      Improve the health, security, and safety of the Departmentís facilities statewide.


[1] Data will be disaggregated by race/ethnicity, capacity/resource need of district, disability status, and for English Language Learners, and Career and Technical Education students as appropriate and when available.