Higher Education and Professional Practice Committee


Johanna Duncan-Poitier


Conferral of Degrees: Professional Business College, Gamla College, Technical Career Institutes, and Long Island Business Institute


May 30, 2006


Goal 2






Issue for Decision (Consent Agenda)


Should the Regents confer degrees upon students completing programs at Professional Business College, Gamla College, Technical Career Institutes, and Long Island Business Institute?


Reason for Consideration


Required by State statute and State regulations.


Proposed Handling


The question will come before the Higher Education and Professional Practice Committee at its June 2006 meeting where it will be voted on and action taken.  It will then come before the full Board at its June meeting for final action.


Procedural History


Professional Business College and Gamla College are provisionally chartered institutions. Until their charters are made absolute, Education Law §224 requires that the Regents award degrees on their behalf.





Technical Career Institutes and Long Island Business Institute are proprietary institutions. Pursuant to Regents Rule 3.46, their degree-granting authority reverted to the Regents when they changed ownership. Until such time as these institutions demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Commissioner of Education compliance with laws, rules and regulations applicable to degree-granting institutions in New York State, the Regents will award degrees on behalf of these institutions.



It is recommended that the Board of Regents confer upon the individuals listed, who have completed the requirements for their registered degree programs at Professional Business College, Gamla College, Technical Career Institutes and Long Island Business Institute, the respective degrees listed for each institution.



Information in Support of Recommendation


Professional Business College


Professional Business College was granted a provisional charter by the Board of Regents on June 17, 2003, authorizing the College to offer the Associate in Occupational Studies (A.O.S.) degree. Until the Regents grant Professional Business College an absolute charter, all academic awards are to be conferred on graduates by the Regents.


                              Associate in Occupational Studies


109.          Barbecho, Blanca A.

110.          Chan, Yin Nar

111.          Chen , Wan

112.          Chen, Yan Fang

113.          Cheng, Yuen Tung

114.          Dong, Li Ying

115.          Fabian, Yoselin

116.          Huang , Bin Hua

117.          Huang , Jie Ling

118.          Lai Yan, Mi Fong

119.          Li, Lin

120.          Liang, Yu Hua

121.          Macdonald, Nair T.

122.          Ni, Qiao Ling

123.          Rosa, Lissette

124.          Situ, Yan Ping

125.          Wei, Han Zhong

126.          Wong , Hung Sun

127.          Xu, Sui Min


Gamla College


Gamla College, an independent institution, was granted a provisional charter by the Board of Regents on December 20, 1996 authorizing the College to offer the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in Judaic Studies.  On June 22, 2004, the Regents affirmed their December 12, 2003 determination to deny the extension of Gamla College’s institutional accreditation, thereby making the College ineligible for Title IV funds. Because the accreditation and State approval functions of the Regents have been separated at the request of the United States Department of Education, the action taken by the Board in June did not serve to rescind the registration of the College’s programs nor did it revoke their provisional charter as a college. An institution with a provisional charter has all the corporate powers and duties of an institution with an absolute charter, except that in the case of institutions offering courses leading to academic degrees, such degrees are conferred by the Board of Regents until the charter has been made absolute. Consequently, the College has the authority to continue to offer classes, and, by the terms of the provisional charter, all academic awards are to be conferred on graduates by the Regents.


Associate in Science


74.     Adler, Joseph

75.     Adler, Zev

76.     Ashkanazi, Yaakov

77.     Ausch, Aron

78.     Babad, Pinchus

79.     Berger, Gershon

80.     Berger, Jisaj

81.     Berger, Mordechai

82.     Berko, Yehuda

83.     Binik, Mordechai

84.     Braun, Chaskel

85.     Buchinger, Abraham

86.     Buchinger, Pincus

87.     Derbaremdiger, Jacob

88.     Deutscher, Aron

89.     Domb, Solomon

90.     Ehrenfeld, Joseph

91.     Ehrenreich, Shulem

92.     Eisenberg, Eliezer

93.     Fleischman, Joel

94.     Flohr, Yakov

95.     Fogel, Jeremiah

96.     Friedman, Alex

97.     Friedman, Yoel

98.     Gancfried, Jacob

99.     Gelb, Jacob

100.    Gluck, Burech

101.    Gluck, Hershel

102.    Gluck, Louis

103.    Goldberger, Alan

104.    Goldman, Yoel

105.    Gordon, Pinchos Y.

106.    Gross, Solomon

107.    Grozalsky, Moshe

108.    Grunfeld, Shaya

109.    Grunhut, Joel

110.    Grunwald, Levi

111.    Guttman, Moses Yitzchak

112.    Halperin, Mendel

113.    Halpert, Yitzchok

114.    Helfgott, Shmuel

115.    Horowitz, Shmuel

116.    Jacobs, Aron

117.    Jacobs, Levi Y.

118.    Kahan, Eliezer

119.    Kasten, Yochanan

120.    Katz, Boruch

121.    Kaufman, Elye S.

122.    Kaufman, Leopold

123.    Kirsch, Avrohom

124.    Klagsbrun, David

125.    Klitenick, Yitzchok

126.    Kohn, Lazar

127.    Kornbluh, Binyomin

128.    Kornbluh, Solomon

129.    Kramer, Moshe

130.    Kraus, Abraham

131.    Kraus, Joel

132.    Lebovits, Joseph

133.    Lefkowitz, Joel

134.    Leitner, Jacob

135.    Lezer, Aharon

136.    Lichtenstein, Levi

137.    Lieberman, Tovia

138.    Linder, Yakov Shlome

139.    Mandel, Aron

140.    Mandel, Yechiel

141.    Mandel, Yitzchok

142.    Mark, Menachem

143.    Maryl, Shloime

144.    Meisels, Joel

145.    Meisels, Zalman

146.    Mertz, Yoelish

147.    Miller, Yechiel

148.    Mutzen, Israel

149.    Ostreicher, Luzer

150.    Paneth, Abraham

151.    Perlman, Samuel

152.    Pinter, Moshe

153.    Rabinowitz, Yeruhum

154.    Rokach, Leibish

155.    Rosenberg, Levi Yitzchak

156.    Rosenberg, Menasha Martin

157.    Rosenblatt, Nesanel

158.    Rosenthal, Joseph

159.    Rosner, Amrom

160.    Roth, Chaim

161.    Rubin, Chaim Jacob

162.    Rubin, Yehoshua

163.    Samet, Hershey

164.    Samuel, Avraham

165.    Sander, Joseph

166.    Schwartz, David

167.    Schwartz, Ephraim

168.    Schwartz, Israel

169.    Schwartz, Joel

170.    Seidenfeld, Levi Yitzchok

171.    Seidenfeld, Shea

172.    Senderovits, Aaron

173.    Shimunov, Gabreal

174.    Silber, Harry

175.    Silber, Joseph

176.    Silberstein, Levi Y.

177.    Spitzer, Yosef

178.    Stanger, Yehuda

179.    Stein, Yechiel

180.    Steinberg, Yaakov

181.    Steiner, Thomas

182.    Stern, Gabriel

183.    Stern, Moshe

184.    Strasberg, Jacob

185.    Taub, Joel L.

186.    Tauber, Shimon

187.    Teitelbaum, Pinchas

188.    Twersky, David

189.    Twersky, Mordechai P.

190.    Twersky, Yisroel L.

191.    Twersky, Yochanan

192.    Weinberger, Mickey

193.    Weinfeld, Yoel

194.    Weisberger, Elkana

195.    Weiss, Amrom

196.    Weisz, Akiva

197.    Werzberger, Baruch

198.    Wieder, Yosef

199.    Wosner, Ahron S.

200.    Zeig, Pincus



Technical Career Institutes


Technical Career Institutes (TCI), a proprietary institution, is authorized by the Regents to award the Associate in Applied Arts (A.A.S.) and the Associate in Occupational Studies (A.O.S.) degrees. This institution also offers certificate programs in technology related disciplines. TCI was purchased by EVCI Career Colleges Holding Corporation on September 16, 2005. Until the Regents reauthorize Technical Career Institutes, under its new management, to award degrees, all academic awards are to be conferred on graduates by the Regents.



Associate in Occupational Studies


1. Eason, Christopher F.

2. Gayle, Kenric B.

3. Giordano, Anthony J.

4. Govea, Xavier U.

5. Hines, Kareem

6. Lawrence, Dean

7. Machado, Jr., Hector A.

8. Manni, Parmanand

9. Marrero, Matthew M.

10. Mata, Roberto A.

11. Matheson, Jonel N.

12. Moore, Hakeem T.

13. Nickerson, Daniel JC.

14. Nixon, Bernard

15. Ouattara, Fako

16. Peralta, Edward R.

17. Ramos, Christopher

18. Segura, Juan

19. Tiban, Ricardo


Associate in Applied Science


20. Acham, Hank A.

21. Agyapong, Charles O.

22. Alvarez, Alma L.

23. Badillo, Raquel

24. Beary, Charmaine M.

25. Brazela, Johanne

26. Brown, Sulaiman L.

27. Brown, Terrell

28. Cacho, Diana J.

29. Camara, Ousmane

30. Campana, Gloria

31. Castellanos, Linda J.

32. Chen, Yuan Zhi

33. Christie, Raimundo A.

34. Clement, Darryl G.

35. Collins, Loretta A.

36. Cordina, Jocelyn

37. Cornelius, Ardith

38. Crombie, Roger O.

39. Encalada Mosquera, Katherine S.

40. Escamilla, Tirso

41. Figuereo de L., Henry de J.

42. Figueroa, David A.

43. Fret, Yamira E.

44. Garcia, Yaneli A.

45. Gibbons, Gary G.

46. Golabek, Tomasz

47. Grier, Vernita T.

48. Henriquez, Lydia

49. Hepburn, Tiffany C.

50. Jackson, Barbara J.

51. Johnson, Latoya T.

52. Jolley, Taqiyya J.

53. Liang, Zhi Jie

54. Liu, Jia

55. Lopez, Ray

56. McDuffie, Terrell A.

57. McHenry, Wendelin M.

58. Merrick, Julian B.E.

59. Mohamed, Zuhair A.

60. Montemorano, Brandon M.

61. Muzine, Kamina C.

62. Overton, Tonya N.

63. Pacheco, Roberto D.

64. Persaud, Nalini

65. Pugliese, George A.

66. Reyes, Maritza

67. Rivera, Maria

68. Rodriguez, Francia J.

69. Rogers, Ameaga

70. Ruiz, John P.

71. Shariff, Sandy M.

72. Silas, Tiffany D.

73. Silva-Castro, Wanda I.

74. Smalls, Christine E.

75. Tifa, Manuel A.

76. Vega, Julio

77. Velasco, Edgar F.

78. Velez, Renaldo

79. Villa, Richard

80. Villanueva, Pedro L.

81. Weekes, Sheannette A.

82. Wilkinson, Michelle N.

83. Willems, Angie C.


Long Island Business Institute


Long Island Business Institute, a proprietary institution, was authorized by the Regents to confer an Associate in Occupational Studies (A.O.S.) degree on April 28, 1995. The Institute also offers certificate and diploma programs in business and computer-related disciplines. On May 21, 2004, Long Island Business Institute was purchased by LIBI Corporation. Until the Regents reauthorize Long Island Business Institute, under its new ownership, to award degrees, all academic awards are to be conferred on graduates by the Regents.


Associate in Occupational Studies


164.          Brown, Flossie Marie

165.          Campbell, Kristen

166.          Elak, Michelle E.

167.          Evans, Natosha Lakisha

168.          Hall, Alica

169.          Mayer, Tracey

170.          Pape, Theresa

171.          Priani, Donna

172.          Ramsemooj, Kameney

173.          Robertson, Cheryl

174.          Schneider, Heather

175.          Schultz, Linda A.

176.          Scotti, Michelle L.

177.          Slovak, Christine A.

178.          Strickland, Arneathia

179.          Ventaloro, Juliette W.

180.          Zecca, Michele Christine




181.          Rodriguez, Brenda





182.          Alley, Nancy  (Office Technology Diploma)

183.          Alley, Nancy  (Medical Secretarial Diploma)

184.          Alvins, Carey

185.          Andersen, Kathleen

186.          Arvelo, Dezni

187.          Caulfield, Bethann

188.          Davies, Susan

189.          Giunta, Grace

190.          Hastings, Patricia

191.          Hicks, Johanna M.

192.          Ingargiola, Michelle

193.          Jaramillo, Lorna Margaret

194.          Johnson, Tina

195.          Koerner, Carole Ann

196.          Liptak, Anne E.

197.          Metzger, Stacy

198.          Miller, Maureen

199.          Morales, Jocelyn

200.          Pilgrim, Claudette J.

201.          Pomales, Nancy Ellen

202.          Quiles, Theresa

203.          Ramsemooj, Kameney

204.          Rosario, Teresa

205.          Rose, Devin

206.          Ruvio, Cheryl

207.          Sadjadi, Marsha

208.          Santomauro, Maria

209.          Schneider, Heather

210.          Tulipan, Gail D.

211.          Watson, Valerie

212.          Wischerth, Glenna L.

213.          Wizior, Cynthia