The Honorable the Members of the Board of Regents



Theresa E. Savo 



USNY Technology Policy and Practices Council:  Activities to date and schedule for further action



June 6, 2006



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Executive Summary


Issue for Discussion


          The USNY Technology Policy and Practices Council (TPPC) is identifying the use of technology as it is applied to teaching and learning.  The Council has engaged subject matter expertise to assist in identifying technology-related policy issues that require Regents review and action.


Reason(s) for Consideration


          Board of Regents request for updates on Council activities.   


Proposed Handling


          The co-chairs of TPPC and David Walsh, Chief Information Officer, will discuss their activities to date with the full Board at its June 2006 meeting.


Background Information


          The USNY Technology Policy and Practices Council was established in March 2004.  The Council was created to advise the Regents on effective use of technology in achieving Regents goals, particularly in closing the performance gaps in K-12 education; advise on potential policy issues that related to technology; report on the use of technology to improve student performance, train teachers and professionals, provide educational and cultural content, and assist those with disabilities; and map the current technology capacity of USNY institutions.



The Council is comprised of 28 members from public and private K-16 institutions, BOCES, libraries, museums, public television, teachers’ unions, and community-based organizations.  These representatives were identified and endorsed by the Regents Quality Committee.




          The Board of Regents will continue to support the work of the USNY Technology Policy and Practices Council.


Timetable for Implementation


          With Regents support, the activities described in the attached report will continue to move forward.

USNY Technology Policy and Practices Council

Report to the Board on Actions and Initiatives
Meetings to Date


          The full Council has generally met quarterly.  Agenda items have included:



          The Council is expanding its own use of technology to enhance its work.  We have used videoconferencing to increase attendance and communication at our meetings.  We have also set up an online secure web site to share documents and exchange materials.

Technology Study


The Council has hired the Metiri Group to study the use of technology within USNY.  The final report from Metiri is due in March 2007.  Specifically, Metiri has been asked to identify methods and approaches in three areas:


Digital Capacity - Assess and analyze current digital educational network capacity across New York State, and describe alternative models for building capacity, infrastructure, and access;


Digital Content - Assess and analyze current digital educational content across New York State and across USNY, and identify approaches to coordinate and distribute digital content to classrooms and homes in New York State; and


Digital Use - Assess and analyze current uses of technologies in teaching and learning across New York State and across USNY, and identify methods to  increase effective use of technologies and digital content in teaching and learning.


          The purpose of this process is to provide enough substantive detail in the investigations to develop a statewide vision for technologies in education.


Identification of issues


          The Council has identified a few clear issues that require monitoring and potential action.  In some cases, we are sharing information and monitoring the issues; in other cases, we have created a committee and assigned an issue for review and action.






Deliverables and Timetable


·       October 2006.  Metiri makes a preliminary report to the TPPC of its findings.


·       February 2007.  Metiri presents its final report to the TPPC.

·       June 2007.  Preliminary report on findings to the Board of Regents.


·       November 2007. TPPC submits recommendations for actions to Board of Regents.  Build a timeline for working with various USNY sectors to weave technology policies into legislative priorities, SED policy and recommendations for local USNY policies.


·       Ongoing.  Report to Regents regularly to create an ongoing dialogue about technology policy in the service of closing the gap and raising standards for teaching and learning in New York.