The Honorable the Members of the Board of Regents




Theresa E. Savo



2007-2008 Budget Development Process




July 14, 2006




Goals 1-6







Executive Summary

Issue for Discussion


The fourth step in the 2007-2008 budget and legislative development process calls for the Board to:


·         Review the existing budget, legislative and State Aid initiatives to ensure they align with the Regents priorities, the Department’s strategic plan and the second half of the new 24-month calendar. (March 2006);

·         Discuss the draft legislative initiatives and the conceptual goals of the Regents State Aid proposal (May 2006);

·         Evaluate the 2007-2008 budget and legislative initiatives proposed by the program offices in the Regents Standing Committees (June 2006);

·         Discuss the proposed 2007-2008 budget and legislative initiatives (submitted as separate Regents items for the July meeting) and the State Aid conceptual proposal with the full Board of Regents (July 2006);

·         Act on the 2007-2008 Budget Proposal, the Regents Priority Legislative Proposal and the State Aid conceptual proposal (September 2006); and

·         Approve the final 2007-2008 State Aid proposal (October 2006).


Reason(s) for Consideration


Board direction and input are sought at each step in the process of developing the Department’s annual budget and legislative proposals.


Proposed Handling



Procedural History


          The Department budget and legislative proposals are developed over several months and involve staff from all areas of the Department. The Department budget and legislative proposals are expected to:


·         be linked to the Department’s strategic plan and the second half of the new 24-month calendar;

·         achieve the outcomes established by the Regents Goals; and

·         includes all program areas in the development process.


Background Information


Each year the Board of Regents is invited to review the existing initiatives and suggest changes.  The Commissioner and Deputies then meet to make adjustments to existing initiatives or to develop new initiatives for the upcoming year.  Deputy Commissioners involve the respective Regents Standing Committees in the review and evaluation of the initiatives for the upcoming year.  The draft budget and legislative proposals, reflecting any changes recommended by the Regents Standing Committees, are then reviewed with the Full Board in July and the Regents act on the final budget and legislative proposals in September.




I recommend that the full Board of Regents review and discuss the proposed initiatives, considering the magnitude and scope of the proposed 2007-2008 budget and legislative initiatives, in preparation for action in September.


Objectives Of This Proposed Budget


·         Educate Students for the Global Economic and Cultural Realities. Enhance the capacity of the K-16 and continuing education systems to prepare students for the math, science and technology requirements of the global economy.

·         Create and Build Access to Knowledge. Bring broad access to learning resources in every community.

·         Strengthen the Teaching Workforce. Increase the capacity to recruit, retain and continually develop the skills of teachers, especially in shortage areas.

·         Ensure Excellence and Opportunity for All Students In Higher Education. Provide resources to ensure that more students, especially those from middle and low income families and those with disabilities, succeed in college.

·         Improve Accountability. Ensure that school districts use resources efficiently and effectively and that all students graduate with a diploma.


Timetable for Implementation







2007-2008 PROPOSED




New York Knowledge Initiative: Broad Access to Learning Resources for All

            NOVEL – Page 1                                                                                                 $10 million

            Sustain Library Aid and Library System Aid Increased Funding

                   (see separate Legislative Initiative) – Page 1                                                   $3 million

            Sustain Local Library Construction Funding – Page 1                                         $14 million

            Museum Education Act (see separate Legislative Initiative) – Page 2                 $30 million *   10 FTE  *



Employment and Independence for Individuals with Disabilities

            Independent Living Centers – Pages 3-6                                                               $4 million


Making Money Matter: Strengthened Accountability to Ensure

Improved Student Achievement and Effective Use of School Resources

            Academic Intervention Teams – Page 10                                                             $13 million

            Early Financial Warning System – Page 10                                                           $.3 million

            State Aid Management System – Page 10                                                             $5 million

            Fiscal Oversight/Technical Assistance Staff – Page 10                                          $1 million      10 FTE

            School Improvement Staff – Page 10                                                                  $2.4 million      24 FTE

            Audit Services Staff – Page 10                                                                           $2.6 million      26 FTE


Create Office of Educational and Academic Technology to Effectively Use

            Technology to Improve Performance – Page 11                                                $.5 million        3 FTE


Committing to Higher Standards: Supporting the State’s Rigorous

            Assessment System – Page 12                                                                             $14 million      19 FTE



 Ensure Excellence and Opportunity for All Students in Higher Education

            Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) – Page 14                              $5.5 million

            Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) – Page 14                                                   $6.1 million

            Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP)/

                  Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) – Page 14      $2.5 million

            Improving Graduation Rates for all Students – Page 14                                        $4 million

                Postsecondary Education and Disabilities Initiative

                   (see separate Legislative Initiative) – Page 17                                               $15 million


High Standards for All Educational Institutions

            Strengthen Graduate Education – Page 16                                                            $4 million


Strengthen the Teaching Workforce Through Increased and Continued

Ability To Recruit, Retain and Develop the Skills of Teachers

            Increased Teacher Retention and Effectiveness – Page 15                                  $26 million

            Teacher Opportunity Corps – Page 15                                                                 $1.8 million

            Professional Education Opportunity Programs – Page 16                                      $2 million


Strengthen OHE’s Ability to Carry Out Its Responsibilities

            and Programs - Page 18                                                                                     $.36 million        7 FTE     

                                                                                                         TOTAL =             $167 million     99 FTE



* Preliminary estimate may change.