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Johanna Duncan-Poitier


Annual Report of the State Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching


July 29, 2005


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Issue for Discussion


Annually, the State Professional Standards and Practice Board for Teaching reports on its activities over the past year. This is the Boardís seventh annual report.


Reasons for Consideration


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Proposed Handling


The Board co-chairs will present an oral report of the Standards Boardís activities during 2004-2005. They will be available for questions and discussion after their presentation.


Procedural History


The Board of Regents instituted an annual reporting requirement when it established the Standards Board.


Background Information


The attachment is provided as background for the Boardís report. It contains a summary of activities for the period September 2004 through June 2005. 




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State Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching

Board Activities and Accomplishments

September 2004 - June 2005




            During 2004-2005, the Standards Board began an examination of various proposals to strengthen teaching. The effort began with a presentation by the executive director of The Teaching Commission, on the recommendations contained in its report, ďTeaching at Risk: A Call to Action.Ē In response to an invitation to statewide organizations to comment on The Teaching Commissionís report, the Board heard presentations by National Education Association and New York State School Boards Association.   


            The Board continued the work begun last year to increase awareness and dissemination throughout the State of the Code of Ethics for Educators. Several Board members made presentations at statewide meetings of the following organizations:


Association of Colleges of Teacher Education                                April 2005


The Standards Board completed the second year of participation in the Regents Accreditation of Teacher Education (RATE) program. The Boardís Higher Education Subcommittee acted on RATE accreditation reviews of seven teacher education institutions. This entailed a panel reviewing staff reports and recommendations, and then making a Board recommendation regarding the accreditation status of each institutionís teacher education programs. The Subcommittee also continued to advise the Department concerning the development of RATE program, recommending a number of refinements and improvements to the review process that have been subsequently implemented by staff. Board members and staff also began planning for an additional review responsibility beginning next year, when submission of progress reports of previously reviewed institutions will begin.


The following RATE reviews were conducted in 2004-2005:


   Ithaca College

   Marist College

   Barnard College

   College of New Rochelle

   Wells College

   Daemen College

   Pratt Institute


            On March 24, Board members visited key Executive and Legislative staff members and Legislators. For this fourth year of visits, members focused on the need to strengthen teaching through support of mentoring programs, Teacher Centers, the Regents school funding formula and new scholarship and incentive awards for teachers.


            In May, the Board held its monthly meeting in New York City, hosted by Pace University. Members had the opportunity to visit PS 64 and IS 218 to gain insight into recruitment and retention efforts, and to visit Pace High School, established under the New Visions New Century Small School program. In addition, Lincoln Center presented information on aesthetic education and its inclusion in teacher preparation programs at New York City colleges and universities.


            A summary list of the Boardís accomplishments during the past year appears on the following page.


State Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching

Board Activities and Accomplishments

                                       September 2004 - June 2005




Code of Ethics for Educators

Dissemination activities continued. Board members made presentations on the Code of Ethics to statewide organizations: SAANYS, NYSPTA, NYSSBA, NYSATE/NYACTE, and NYSCOSS. Code of Ethics poster was reprinted and made available to the field through the Departmentís Publications Warehouse.


District-Based Mentoring Programs

Completed draft of standards for mentoring programs. Reviewed and made recommendations on staff draft of an assessment rubric for development of district mentoring programs.


Education Visits with Legislative and Executive Staff

Meetings held with key Legislators and staff and Executive staff members on March 24, 2005.


New York City Visit

May meeting in New York City, with focus on school recruitment and retention efforts, aesthetic education in teacher preparation programs, and the New Visions New Century Small School Program.


Part 83 Moral Character Cases

Review and action on 102 cases brought under Part 83 of Commissionerís Regulations pertaining to teacher moral character requirements. (Professional Practices Subcommittee)


Regents Accreditation of Teacher Education (RATE)

Review of staff reports and recommendations on accreditation of teacher education programs at seven institutions under the RATE program. Recommendations to staff on refinements to RATE review process, a number of which have been implemented. Planning for review of institutional progress reports, an additional Board responsibility that begins September 2005. (Higher Education Subcommittee)


Regulatory Amendment: Validity Period of Initial Certificate

Review of proposed amendment to Commissionerís Regulations changing the validity period of the Initial classroom teaching certificate from 3 to 5 years. Reaffirmed support of the proposed amendment.


Regulatory Amendment: Full-time Faculty Requirement

Review of proposed amendment to Commissionerís Regulations allowing for exception to full-time faculty rule for teacher preparation programs. Recommended against amending the regulation.


Regulatory Amendment: Certification Requirements for School Leaders

Began review and recommendations on proposed amendment to Commissionerís Regulations establishing certification requirements for school leaders.


Teacher Resource and Computer Training Center Program

Approved the Teacher Center 2005 Expenditure Plan.


The Teaching Commission Report

Began discussion of ways to improve teaching, beginning with examination of The Teaching Commissionís report, ďTeaching at Risk: A Call to Action.Ē Presentation by The Teaching Commission, followed by presentations in response from the National Education Association and New York State School Boards Association.


Videotape Review Panel (ATS-P)

Participation of individual members on NYSTCE Performance Assessment of Teaching Skills (ATS-P) Review Panels during the January and April 2005 scoring sessions.