Committee on Higher Education and Professional Practice



Johanna Duncan-Poitier


Conferral of Degrees by the Regents: Globe Institute of Technology, Long Island Business Institute, and Taylor Business Institute 



May 31, 2005



Goal 2





Executive Summary


Issue for Decision


Should the Regents confer degrees upon students completing programs at Globe Institute of Technology, Long Island Business Institute and Taylor Business Institute?


Proposed Handling


This question will come before the Committee on Higher Education and Professional Practice on June 20, 2005 as a consent item and then will come before the Full Board for final action on June 21, 2005.


Procedural History


Standard procedure:  Ed. Law 224 and Regents Rule 3.46.   When for-profit degree-granting institutions are sold degree granting authority reverts to the Regents until such time as the institution demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Commissioner of Education compliance with laws, rules and regulations applicable to degree-granting institutions in New York State. 


Background Information


Each of the three institutions: Globe Institute of Technology, Long Island Business Institute and Taylor Business Institute were sold, are in a transition period because of the sale, and have requested that the Regents confer degrees, diplomas and certificates on students who have satisfactorily completed registered programs of the institutions. 




          The Regents should confer the degrees because the Office of College and University Evaluation has determined that the candidates listed in the attachment have satisfied the requirements for the awards indicated.


Timetable for Implementation





Globe Institute Of Technology, Inc.


          Globe Institute of Technology, a proprietary institution, was authorized by the Regents to confer Associate in Occupational Studies (A.O.S.) and Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees in 1996, the Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) degree in 2000, and the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree in 2002. Globe also offers certificate programs in business and computer-related disciplines. In 2003, all shares of Globe Institute were transferred to new shareholders.  Until the Regents have reauthorized Globe Institute of Technology, under its new ownership, to award degrees, all academic awards are to be conferred on graduates by the Regents.


Bachelor of Technology


266.       Ahenakew, Lawrence

267.       Barakhovsky, Esphir

268.       Fan, Helen

269.       Hills, Nicole       

270.       Kogan, Valeriy

271.       Malkina, Anzhelika

272.       Mansur, Yusra

273.       Maslova, Yelena

274.       Ou, Jian

275.       Siddique, Mohammed  

276.       Young, Eric

277.       Zhan, Yong, Hong


Bachelor of Business Administration


278.       Batista, Jeimy

279.       Berzitsky, Yevgeniy

280.       Gokhlerner, Anzhela

281.       Guberman, Berta

282.       Kiner, Igor

283.       Nikitina, Olga

284.       Qian, Hong

285.       Wang, Yu

286.       Wong, Benny

287.       Yankovich, Nadia

288.       Zhurov, Georgiy

289.       Zhurov, Olga


Associate in Applied Science


290.       Brooks, Katherine

291.       Charles, Patrick

292.       Diaz, Diana

293.       Bestman, Oretha

294.       Fernandez, Larissa

295.       Faylond, Alex 

296.       Goldshteyn, Raisa

297.       Moncrieffe, Gay

298.       Nejmi, Yassine

299.       Stehlik, Jordan


Associate in Occupational Studies


300.       Ahenakew, Lawrence

301.        Kunz, Olga



Long Island Business Institute


            Long Island Business Institute, a proprietary institution, was authorized by the Regents to confer an Associate in Occupational Studies (A.O.S.) degree on April 28, 1995. The Institute also offers certificate and diploma programs in business and computer-related disciplines. On May 21, 2004, Long Island Business Institute was purchased by LIBI Corporation.  Until the Regents have reauthorized Long Island Business Institute, under its new ownership, to award degrees, all academic awards are to be conferred on graduates by the Regents.


Associate in Occupational Studies


56.           Bao, Hui-Yun

57.           Barbecho, Julia Jackeline

58.           Chan, Man-Yung

59.           Chang, Fabio

60.           Chen, Li-Ju

61.           Chen, Yu Hui

62.           Chou, Vai-Sin

63.           Dave, Suraj

64.           Deng, Dian Hua

65.           Hsiao, Feng-Mei

66.           Huang, Jin Lin

67.           Jin, Ai-Hua

68.           King, Cathleen

69.           Lam, Kitty

70.           Lee, Lydia

71.           Leu, Jennifer

72.           Li, Yang Dong

73.           Li, Zhi-Da

74.           Lin, Christin

75.           Ma, Hok-Lim

76.           Marin, Nicholas

77.           Ou, Jiang

78.           Phan, Mai-Xuan

79.           Shao, Mei

80.           Tam, Hang-Fan

81.           Tsai, Yueh-Yun-Yang

82.           Wang, Xiu-Li

83.           Wong, Michael

84.           Wu, Pu-Xia

85.           Xu, Xiao-Jun

86.           Xue, Cui-Fang

87.           Yang, Ning

88.           Yu, Su-Ting

89.           Yu, Xiao-Qin

90.           Zheng, Zi-Shou




91.           Bombace, Lisa M.

92.           Bowie, Renay L.

93.           Campbell, Rachaele

94.           Corrigan, Claire M.

95.           Ellis, Victoria R.

96.           Fried, Brooke

97.           Gerardi, Maureen T.

98.           Haubeil, Angelica

99.           Kanishka, Breshna

100.       Kempton, Maureen

101.       Luna, Yensy

102.       Meahan, Kate E.

103.       Prisco, Dorielle A.

104.       Probeck, Peggy A.

105.       Romera, Mayra

106.       Ruhe, Diana

107.       Stokes, Anita

108.       Sutherland, Donna M.

109.       Wahab, Zarmina

110.       Wolff, Linda S.

111.       Zhao, Zhi-Zhi








Taylor Business Institute


          Taylor Business Institute was authorized by the Board of Regents on March 24, 1972 to grant the Associate in Occupational Studies (A.O.S.) degree.  The Institute was purchased from ITT Educational Services, Inc. by Phillips Colleges, Inc. on April 13, 1988.  On January 31, 1997, TBIO, INC. purchased Taylor Business Institute from Phillips Colleges, Inc.  On April 4, 2002, the Institute was purchased by the Benhem Company, Inc. (a New York corporation). Until the Regents have reauthorized Taylor Business Institute, under its new ownership, to award degrees, all academic awards are to be conferred on graduates by the Regents.


Associate in Occupational Studies


2650.    Acosta, Hadil

2651.    Almonte, Sunilda

2652.    Attmore, Alyce

2653.    Belarsky, Marlen

2654.    Belval, Fritz

2655.    Betancourt, Stacey

2656.    Blount, Stephen

2657.    Booker, Kevin

2658.    Calderon, Francis

2659.    Camacho, Patricia

2660.    Chambers, Jermaine

2661.    Collazo, Eric

2662.    Colon, Josephine

2663.    Davis, Raymond

2664.    Destra, Mirlene

2665.    Figueroa, Jessica

2666.    Firth, Charmaine

2667.    Foy, Vickie

2668.    Gaines, Shamika

2669.    Garcia Milagros

2670.    Garcia, Giovanna

2671.    Hamilton, Twann

2672.    Herman, Lanise

2673.    Irizarry, Victor

2674.    Jackson, Michelle

2675.    James, Isaac

2676.    Jean, Jason

2677.    Johnson, Jessica

2678.    Joseph, Jena

2679.    Joseph, Mecca

2680.    Kisiwaa, Martha

2681.    Lopez, Christopher

2682.    Marques, Amanda

2683.    Mercado, Jennifer

2684.    Moore, Elaine

2685.    Ngou, Cheuk Wai

2686.    Persaud, Stephanie

2687.    Pierre, Marc

2688.    Pinedo, Alfonso

2689.    Pough, Sammuel

2690.    Reed, Ebony

2691.    Richardson, Isaac

2692.    Rivera, Alice

2693.    Rodgers, Shani

2694.    Samuel, Howard

2695.    Scott, Isaac

2696.    Shabazz, Husein

2697.    Solis, Josephine

2698.    Squire, Tanyel

2699.    Tavarez, Edgar

2700.    Tejada, Ana

2701.    Thompson, Ceotis

2702.    Vitet, Malika

2703.    Wann, Alphadio

2704.    Washington, Nijer

2705.    Wilson, Kimwanna

2706.    Wright, Lee