The Honorable the Members of the Board of Regents


Johanna Duncan-Poitier


Higher Education and Professional Practice


Conferral of Degrees:  CERGE-EI, Gamla College and Professional Business College


October 8, 2004


Approval (Consent Agenda)


Standard procedure:  By the terms of a provisional charter and until it is made absolute, the Regents confer the degrees


Goal 2






Attached are recommendations with respect to conferral of degrees.  Until the Regents have authorized the following institutions to award degrees, all academic awards are to be conferred on graduates by the Regents.



Gamla College

                                        Professional Business College


The Office of College and University Evaluation has determined that the candidates listed in the attachment have satisfied all of the requirements for the awards indicated.


Recommendation:  I recommend that the Regents take the following action:


VOTED, that the awards indicated be conferred upon the individuals as listed for each institution.



          In September 2000, the Regents granted the Center for Economics Research and Graduate Education – Economics Institute (CERGE-EI), Prague, Czech Republic, a provisional charter.  It authorizes CERGE-EI to confer the Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees.  By the charter’s terms and until it is made absolute, the Regents confer the degrees.  CERGE-EI is supported by Charles University, Prague, and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.  It offers registered M.A. and Ph.D. programs in economics.


Doctor of Philosophy


105.       Dabusinskas, Aurelius

106.       Ionascu, Delia

107.       Kunin, Michael

108.       Valachy, Juraj

109.       Vereshchagina, Galina

110.       Wertlen, Bruno


Master of Arts


111.       Baranec, Marian

112.       Belyaeva, Aelita

113.       Bogomolova, Anna

114.       Dermendzhieva, Zvezda

115.       Doudov, Plamen

116.       Fukac, Martin

117.       Hakobyan, Anush

118.       Putzova, Alexandra

119.       Roscovan, Viorel

120.       Rychalovska, Yulia

121.       Ryvkine, Dmitri

122.       Soukenikova, Lucie

123.       Steiner, Jakub

124.       Svitkova, Katarina

125.       Uzagalieva, Ainura

126.       Vrazda, Bohdan

127.       Zubricky, Jozef





          Gamla College, a proprietary institution, was granted a provisional charter by the Board of Regents on December 20, 1996 authorizing the College to offer the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in Judaic Studies.  On June 22, 2004, the Regents affirmed their December 12, 2003 determination to deny the extension of Gamla College’s institutional accreditation, thereby making the College ineligible for Title IV funds. Because the accreditation and State approval functions of the Regents have been separated at the request of the United States Department of Education, the action taken by the Board in June did not serve to rescind the registration of the College’s programs nor did it revoke their provisional charter as a college. An institution with a provisional charter has all the corporate powers and duties of an institution with an absolute charter, except that in the case of institutions offering courses leading to academic degrees, such degrees are conferred by the Board of Regents until the charter has been made absolute. Consequently, the College has the authority to continue to offer classes, and, by the terms of the provisional charter, all academic awards are to be conferred on graduates by the Regents.


Associate in Science


21.           Aber, Moshe

22.           Berstein, Eliyahu

23.           Chimmel, Yitzchok Eliezer Chaim

24.           Fasten, Elimelech

25.           Feferkorn, Solomon

26.           Fleischman, Avrum

27.           Frankel, David

28.           Fried, Avraham

29.           Gluck, Joel

30.           Grinfeld, Yosef

31.           Gross, Joel

32.           Gross, Shlomo

33.           Grossman, Shmuel

34.           Grosz, Charles

35.           Horowitz, Mordechai

36.           Horowitz, Moshe

37.           Horowitz, Moshe

38.           Iskodwitz, Yaakov

39.           Kiserman, Moshe

40.           Kleinman, Naftali

41.           Kohn, Shia

42.           Kiss, Joseph

43.           Langsam, Matias

44.           Langsam, Matias

45.           Levitan, Anna

46.           Litchman, Yehuda

47.           Machin Yevgeniy

48.           Moskowitz, Chaim

49.           Myshalova, Riva

50.           Ostreicher, Aron

51.           Ostreicher, Betzalel

52.           Porgesz, Abraham

53.           Rabinowitz, Moshe

54.           Rubin, Joseph

55.           Rubinfeld, Pinchas

56.           Silver, Eliezer

57.           Sompolinsky, Alexander

58.           Steklova, Khassia

59.           Stermberg, Yechiel

60.           Stern, Shimon

61.           Teitlebaum, Chananya Y.T.L.

62.           Ungar, Aron

63.           Ungar, Mendel

64.           Ungar, Mordechai

65.           Vishnevskya, Faina

66.           Warfman, Menachem

67.           Weber, Isaac

68.           Weber, Moshe

69.           Weber, Yehuda

70.           Weinberger, Aaron

71.           Weiss, Avraham

72.           Weissmandel, Joel

73.           Wolkenfeld, Abraham





          Professional Business College was granted a provisional charter by the Board of Regents on June 17, 2003, authorizing the College to offer the Associate in Occupational Studies (A.O.S.) degree.  Until the Regents grant Professional Business College an absolute charter, all academic awards are to be conferred on graduates by the Regents.


Associate in Occupational Studies


1.               Lin, Yue Yun

2.               Ma, Yiu Cho Joseph

3.               Correa, Cesar Christian

4.               Wang, Yan

5.               Cao, Jie Zhen

6.               Cheng, Bee Fong

7.               Chiu, Helen H.

8.               Haye, Judy B.

9.               Yuen, Sai Cheong

10.           Law, Choi Wan

11.           Li, Audrey

12.           Ng, Helen

13.           Liang, Pei Qing

14.           Lin, Wen Dong

15.           Li, Yu Feng