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Report of Regents Cultural Education Committee to The Board of Regents

The Cultural Education Committee held its scheduled meeting on September 11, 2023. All committee members were present except Regent Christine D. Cea, Regent James E. Cottrell, Regent Catherine Collins, and Regent Elizabeth S. Hakanson. Chancellor Lester W. Young, Jr. also attended the meeting.


Chief Financial Officer’s Report – The Department’s Chief Financial Officer gave a historical overview of the Cultural Education Account funding and support for the New York State Summer School of the Arts/Empire State Summer Arts Scholarship program.  The Cultural Education Committee will discuss the composition and funding for the program at a future meeting.

Report from the New York State Historian – Department staff presented an overview of the programs and activities of the Office of the State Historian.  Current activities include working with local government historians and chartering museums, historical societies and other cultural entities. The State Historian also highlighted the “NY Minute in History” podcast and the NY History Journal.  The presentation concluded with an update on New York’s participation in the 250th Commemoration of the American Revolution.

Associated Agenda Item

Meeting Date: 
Monday, September 11, 2023 - 2:35pm