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Report of Regents P-12 Education Committee to The Board of Regents

Your P-12 Education Committee held its scheduled meeting on January 13, 2014.  All members were present except for Regents Bendit and Rosa, who were excused.


Flexibility to school districts and charter schools regarding the administration of Regents Examinations in Mathematics (Common Core) to grade 7 and 8 students
Your Committee recommends that paragraph (14) of subdivision (b) of section 100.18 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education be amended as submitted, effective January 14, 2014, as an emergency action upon a finding by the Board of Regents that such action is necessary for the preservation of the general welfare in order to ensure that LEAs are given sufficient notice to implement the USDE waiver regarding the administration of Regents Examinations in Algebra I (Common Core) and Geometry to grade 7 and 8 students for the 2013-14 school year. [P-12 (A) 1]

Special Education Impartial Hearings
Your Committee recommends that subdivision (x) of section 200.1, paragraphs (3), (4) and (5) of subdivision (j) of section 200.5, and paragraph (9) of subdivision (h) of section 200.16 of the regulations of the Commissioner of Education relating to special education impartial hearings be amended as submitted and a new paragraph (6) of subdivision (j) of section 200.5 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education be added as submitted, effective February 1, 2014.   [P-12 (A) 2]

Registration of Public Schools
Your Committee recommends that the Tuttle Avenue School in the Eastport-South Manor Central School District be registered beginning in February 2014.
[P-12 (A) 4]

Hebrew Language Academy Charter School
Your Committee recommends that the Board of Regents finds that the proposed charter school: (1) meets the requirements set out in Article 56 of the Education Law, and all other applicable laws, rules and regulations; (2) will operate in an educationally and fiscally sound manner; (3) is likely to improve student learning and achievement and materially further the purposes set out in subdivision two of section twenty-eight hundred fifty of Article 56 of the Education Law; and (4) will have a significant educational benefit to the students expected to attend the charter school, and the Board of Regents therefore approves and issues the renewal charter of the Hebrew Language Academy Charter School as proposed by the Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, and that its provisional charter be extended for a term up through and including June 30, 2015.  [P-12 (A) 5]

Madam Chancellor and Colleagues: Your P-12 Education Committee recommends, and we move, that the Board of Regents act affirmatively upon each recommendation in the written report of the Committee's deliberations at its meeting on January 14, 2014, copies of which have been distributed to each Regent. 

Update from the Office of Bilingual Education – The Committee was provided with an overview of the identification process for English Language Learners and the different language programs available.  ELA and Math outcomes for ELLs vs. non-ELLs was discussed in addition to the Department’s initiatives, such as the Blueprint for ELL Success and Seal of Biliteracy pilot.

Seal of Biliteracy Pilot – The Committee discussed the Department’s progress in implementing the Seal of Biliteracy pilot.  The pilot will be implemented in two phases.  During the 2014-15 school year, a one-year pilot will begin, followed by full implementation on a voluntary basis in the 2015-16 school year.  The Department will work with a few targeted districts and schools during the first phase of the pilot period to develop a State Seal of Biliteracy proposal for high school juniors and seniors.  Districts and schools will then be invited to participate in the full implementation program based on the school’s capacity, expressed interest, demonstrated commitment to foreign language instruction, and parental and community support.  [P-12 (D) 1]

Blueprint for ELL Success – The Committee was updated on the newly developed Blueprint for ELL Success.  A set of principles were developed as a statewide framework to prepare ELLs for success beginning in prekindergarten and to lay the foundation for college and career readiness.  The principles provide guidance, resources, and supports to districts, schools and teachers and promotes better understanding and appreciation of Bilingual Education, ESL and Foreign Language Studies.  Key stakeholders provided feedback and input in the creation of the principles.  The Blueprint will be shared via the NYSED website and will be shared with districts, the ELL Leadership Committee, and key ELL advocacy groups.  [P-12 (D) 2]

Preschool Special Education – The Committee was updated on the work of the Special Education Financial Advisory Workgroup which met on December 18, 2013.  The Workgroup discussed Preschool Special Education Financial Trend Data and Reapproval Review Findings, in addition to the Comptroller’s Program Bill. The discussion focused on the newly developed approval process as well as the Regents' concerns around the findings presented which included IEP services not being provided, inappropriate certification and qualifications of supervisors and administrators, and educational progress reports not being maintained and provided.  The Office of Special Education is in the process of holding additional meetings with stakeholders to review these findings and identify potential policy initiatives to address concerns.  Staff will report back to the Regents at a future meeting with outcomes from these stakeholder meetings.

Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness (DTSDE) Panel – The Committee was provided with an in-depth look at the DTSDE review process and the two types of reviews available to districts:  Integrated Intervention Team Reviews (comprised of state-level reviewers) and District-led Reviews (comprised of district-level reviewers).  Further discussion focused on tenet 1- District Support- as well as on systemic support grants and cross-functional collaboration between Department offices. 

Consent Agenda Items

The Board of Regents will take action on the following consent agenda items at their January 14, 2014 meeting.

  • Protection of People with Special Needs Act
  • NYS Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL)

Associated Agenda Item

Meeting Date: 
Monday, January 13, 2014 - 10:15am