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Report of Regents P-12 Education/Cultural Education Joint Meeting Committee to The Board of Regents

Your P-12 Education Committee and Cultural Education Committee held a joint meeting on April 28, 2014.  All members were present.


National Core Arts Standards Revision Update [P-12/CE (D) 1]
The Committees discussed the revision of the 1994 National Standards for Arts Education which will help guide curriculum designers, teacher-training programs and federal and state policy makers in keeping arts education relevant to today’s global career opportunities.  The creation of the new arts standards was accomplished with input from a broad range of arts teachers, other educators, and decision-makers, including representation from several state and national professional organizations.  The final review of the standards incorporated significant updates to the structure and focus, based on comments received in two previous reviews.  Next steps include completion of final revisions to the standards, additions to the online documents, and continuing updates to the standards website.  A web-based release of the standards is scheduled for mid-June 2014.  Following the release, the Board of Regents may wish to consider adopting or adapting the new standards and determining the ways in which courses and assessments aligned to these standards should be considered during the ongoing review of New York’s college and career-ready graduation requirements. Department staff will provide periodic updates as this work progresses.

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Meeting Date: 
Monday, April 28, 2014 - 5:15pm