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Committee Report | July 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012 - 11:45pm

Report of



The Board of Regents

July 16, 2012

Your Higher Education Committee held its scheduled meeting on July 16, 2012. 

Action Items

Permission to Operate: Technion–Israel Institute of Technology.  Your Committee recommends that the Board of Regents grant permission to Technion–Israel Institute of Technology to operate in New York State and offer a program in Applied Information Sciences leading to a Master of Science degree.  This approval would be effective until July 31, 2017. 

Master Plan Amendment:  Cornell University - Branch Campus in New York City and registration of master’s degree programs.  Your Committee recommends that the Board of Regents approve an amendment to the master plan of Cornell University to authorize the University to establish a branch campus in New York City and to offer master’s degree programs at that campus.  The amendment would be effective until July 31, 2013 unless the Department registers the branch campus and its programs prior to that date, in which case master plan amendment shall be without term.


Madam Chancellor and Colleagues:  Your Higher Education Committee recommends, and we move, that the Board of Regents act affirmatively upon each recommendation in the written report of the Committee’s deliberations at its meeting on July 16, 2012, copies of which have been distributed to each member of the Board of Regents.

Other matters not requiring action:

Statewide Plan for Higher Education.  The Committee discussed the draft Plan and next steps in the development process.

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July 16, 2012