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Committee Report | December 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012 - 8:20am

Report of



The Board of Regents

December 11, 2012

Your Committee on Cultural Education Committee had its scheduled meeting on December 2012. In attendance were committee members: Regents Tilles, Cea, Jackson Dawson, Cottrell, and Rosa. Absent:  Regent Bendit. In addition to CE Committee Members, in attendance were: Chancellor Tisch, Vice Chancellor Bottar, Regents Chapey, Phillips, and Cashin as well as Commissioner King.


Chair’s Remarks: Regent Tilles welcomed everyone and opened the meeting.

Deputy Commissioner Jeffrey Cannell reported on the conclusion of the Statewide Emancipation Proclamation exhibition and provided an update on other OCE priority activities.

Appointment to the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries

Deputy Commissioner Cannell introduced Bernard Margolis, State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries, who recommended the Board of Regents approve the appointment of Ann Thornton to the Regents Advisory Committee on Libraries for a five-year term beginning December 1, 2012 and ending September 30, 2017 as submitted.

Motion by Regent Rosa

Second by Regent Jackson

Passed by Unanimous Vote.

Museum History Collections Policy

Mark Schaming, Director and Assistant Commissioner of Museums lead the discussion regarding the adoption of a collections policy for the History Collections of the State Museum, thereby, replacing a 1985 policy on deaccessioning.   Regent Tilles requested that the item be tabled until the January meeting and that the draft be shared with the Museum Advisory Committee to solicit their comments.  The committee agreed.

Report on Broadband Implementation Activities in Libraries

Bernard Margolis provided a detailed report on the current status of broadband capacity in libraries statewide, actions taken to increase broadband access and future direction of broadband initiatives for libraries.

Motion by Regent Rosa

Seconded by Regent Dawson

Passed by Unanimous Vote.

Regent Tilles ended the meeting by reporting on a meeting with the staff from the Center for Arts Education in New York City, attended by himself, Commissioner King and P-12 Deputy Slentz.  The group agreed to work together to find a way to gather systematic data on compliance with regulations governing arts education programs in schools.

Regent Tilles also reported that he intends to reach out to the Comptroller to gain support to require boards of Libraries to receive training similar to that of boards of public schools.

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December 11, 2012