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Committee Report | February 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 11:40pm

Report of



The Board of Regents

February 8, 2011

            Your P-12 Education and ACCES Committees held a joint meeting on February 7, 2011.  All members were present, with the exception of Chancellor Emeritus Bennett, Regent Norwood, and Regent Brooks Hopkins, who were excused.  Additional members of the Board attending were: Chancellor Tisch, Regent Bendit, and Regent Phillips.



Your Committees voted to approve that the Board of Regents direct Department staff to develop a plan to establish a requirement for a student’s demonstration of GED test readiness via the OPT or other Department approved instruments for discussion at the June 2011 meeting of this P-12 Education / ACCES Joint Committee.  Any plan will include promotion of access and multiple pathways to GED preparation opportunities that will result in enhanced student success and an improved GED statewide pass rate.  Any plan will address the need to build capacity for readiness screening that does not currently exist.

In addition, your Committees voted to approve that the Board of Regents submit a recommendation to the Governor and the Legislature advocating for the revocation of Section 317 of the Education Law, thus permitting the Board to promulgate regulations imposing a fair and equitable fee on GED test candidates that will help ensure the viability of New York’s GED Testing program for the students and adults who need this credential as a pathway to higher education, post-secondary training, and the workforce.  (P-12/ACCES (A) 1)

This concludes our report.