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Committee Report | February 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011 - 11:00pm


Cultural Education Committee


Jeffrey Cannell


The New York State Museum’s Vertebrate Paleontology Program


January 11, 2011






Issue for Discussion

Research and Collections in Vertebrate Paleontology at the New York State Museum.

Reason(s) for Consideration

For Information.

Proposed Handling

The Committee will receive an update on current research and collections acquisition and stewardship in vertebrate paleontology at the State Museum.

Procedural History

Education Law section 235 establishes the State Science Service under the direction of the Board of Regents. The Museum’s curator of vertebrate paleontology, Dr. Robert S. Feranec, performs research as well as acquires and manages vertebrate paleontology collections.  The research and collections provide important information on the State’s natural history, and provides a venue to educate students in particular topics in the sciences.

Background Information

Since 2006, Dr. Robert S. Feranec, the State Museum’s first curator of vertebrate paleontology, has conducted paleontological digs at sites in Albany County, Orange County, Schoharie County, and Clinton County.  Vertebrate paleontological research has focused on topics such as climate change, species extinction, and ecology.  Dr. Feranec will discuss on-going research and collections projects as well as discuss how the collections and his research projects provide a basis to educate the public about natural history, including exhibition development, public and classroom lectures and teacher workshops.