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[node:field_meeting_type] | April 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009 - 11:00pm

Cultural Education Committee Minutes

April 20, 2009

11:20 a.m. – 12:50 p.m.

Room 146 EB




Regent James C. Dawson, Chair of the Cultural Education Committee, submitted the following written report.


Your Committee on Cultural Education had its scheduled meeting on April 20, 2009.

In attendance were: Regents Dawson, Bowman, Brooks Hopkins, and Tilles.

Chancellor Tisch, Regents Young, Norwood and Bendit

Absent: Regent Phillips




Chair’s Remarks: Regent Dawson greeted everyone and opened the meeting with the first agenda item.


CE (D) 1  Regents Advisor Council (RAC) Report to Regents             

Bernard Margolis, Assistant Commissioner for the Libraries and State Librarian introduced RAC, the oldest continuing Regents advisory body, and Chair, Norm Jacknis.  RAC is responsible for keeping the Board of Regents informed about the conditions and needs of the State's libraries, and to suggest policies and actions that would make those libraries more useful for the residents of New York State.  Mr. Jacknis, in his extensive report, provided background on the Council, its responsibilities to libraries, its challenges faced, the role libraries have in the education of all New Yorkers and the need to re-evaluate library services in the internet age. This year’s report focused on the unprecedented fiscal challenges facing libraries, the critical role of libraries in the larger educational mission of the Regents and the need to ensure the significance of libraries in a 21st Century Information Age. A written report was provided to CE Committee members and made available to meeting attendees.  Also in attendance and provided background information were RAC members Barbara Hamlin, Jill Hurst-Wahl, John Monahan and Bridget Quinn-Carey.

The meeting was opened to questions and discussion.


CE (A) 1 Action item - proposed Emergency Amendment of Regents Rules section 3.27, relating to Collections Management

Regent Dawson introduced the above item which was first discussed by and adopted by the full Board as an emergency action in December; renewed as an emergency action at the March meeting, with an effective date of March 19, (which will expire on May 17).  In order to avoid the adverse effects of a lapse in the emergency rule, the rule must be readopted as a third emergency action at today’s meeting.  This third emergency rule will become effective May 18, and will expire 60 days from that date.


Representatives of the Regents, State Education Department, Museum Association of NY and museum constituents have worked with Assemblyman Brodsky to develop legislation which will apply collections management standards to all museums and collecting institutions.  Permanent amendment of Rule 3.27 will be presented to the CE Committee at the July Regents which incorporates the terms of Assembly bill A.6959 introduced by Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, chair of Corporations, Authorities and Commissions.

Motion to approve the proposed Emergency Amendment of Regents Rules section 3.27, relating to Collections Management as presented.


Motion by: Regent Tilles

Seconded by: Regents Bowman

Action:  Motion carried unanimously


CE (D) 2  Related to Article 7 Legislation - Cultural Education Committee will discuss funding formula for Educational Broadcast Councils and Public Radio Stations.

Regent Dawson mentioned the proposed Article 7 language was not included in the enacted State budget.  And, as suggested at the March 2009 CE Committee meeting, Liz Hood, Director of Educational Television and Public Broadcasting would report back to the Committee on this topic.


Ms. Hood presented a detailed report.  The Executive Budget, as proposed in December 2008, contained an Article 7 requirement that the Commissioner review the methodology used to allocate aid to educational broadcast councils and public radio stations to determine whether the allocation formula was appropriate and to ensure that distribution of State aid was equitable.


The committee reviewed the report and discussed the factors on which the allocation formula is based.  The presentation was followed by comments and discussion.  The committee did not request that further review be undertaken.


Deputy’s Report: Deputy Commissioner Jeffrey Cannell greeted everyone and thanked Chancellor Tisch and Regents Young, Norwood and Bendit for attending the CE Committee meeting.  Mr. Cannell gave a brief update regarding the Stewardship Facility, Records Center and CE Trust Board; and, referred Committee members to a map that was distributed at the beginning of the meeting representing libraries statewide that are participating in the Gates Broadband Grant Program.


Meeting Adjourned at 12:30 p.m.