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Meeting of the Board of Regents | April 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 - 11:00pm

Report of the



The Board of Regents

April 21, 2009


              Your Higher Education and EMSC Committees held a joint meeting on April 20, 2009.  All Committee members were present except for Regent Cohen, who was excused.




Efficiencies in Teacher Credential Processing – the Committees discussed planned changes in teacher certification processes that would create greater efficiencies in the certification process and produce increased revenue during a time of reduced resources.  Proposed amendments to regulations were discussed to address these changes.  They include:  modifying the individual transcript evaluation process; institution of a $50 fee for issuance of Internship certificates; the elimination of burdensome paper requirements and unnecessary requirements for applicants seeking time extensions and the reissuance of an initial certificate; and requiring an applicant who is seeking reissuance of their certification to retake and pass only the applicable Content Specialty Tests if the certification has been expired for more than two years. The Committee also discussed the need to further expedite the certification process and expressed the desire to expand beyond processing improvements and consider issues that impact directly on addressing teacher shortages.  The amendments discussed this month will come back to the Regents in June for action.  [HE/EMSC (D) 1]

Sunset of Supplementary Certificate and Supplementary Bilingual Education Extension – the Committee discussed proposed regulations relating to the elimination of the sunset date for Supplementary Certificates for teachers.  These certificates have proven to be effective in addressing shortages in schools and provide for a transition from areas of oversupply to those of high demand.  The Committee also discussed the creation of a new Supplementary Bilingual Education Extension. Proposed amendments to regulations would include establishing a supplementary bilingual education extension to create an additional pathway for teachers and pupil personnel service professionals to achieve certification in this shortage area.   The proposed amendment will be brought back in June for final approval.   [HE/EMSC (D) 2]


That concludes our report.



                                                                                    Anthony Bottar and Merryl Tisch       

                                                                                    Co-Chairs, EMSC Committee



                                                                                    Milton Cofield and Harry Phillips

                                                                                    Co-Chairs, Higher Education Committee