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Meeting of the Board of Regents | October 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 - 9:35am

CE Committee Minutes – October 21, 2008

11:15 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

Location: Room 146 EB




Regent James C. Dawson, Chair of the Cultural Education Committee, submitted the following written report.


Your Committee on Cultural Education had its scheduled meeting on October 21, 2008.

In attendance were: Regents Dawson, Bowman, Phillips, and Tilles.

Absent were Regents Brooks Hopkins and Gardner.





Chairs’ Remarks: Regent Dawson greeted everyone and opened the meeting with a brief report.  In addition, Regent Dawson spoke briefly regarding the Cultural Education Trust Board, and its oversight of the Museum Gallery Renewal and Stewardship Collections Facility.  A third meeting of this board has been scheduled for October 28, 2008.



Deputy’s Report: Deputy Commissioner Jeffrey Cannell greeted everyone and briefly referenced the Deputy’s Report that was recently sent electronically to Board members regarding events and activities in OCE.  Copies of this report were also provided for meeting attendees.


(CET (D) 1 Report on Office of Cultural Education Finances (Item moved from CE Trusteeship Committee meeting)  Deputy Commissioner Cannell presented Cultural Education’s budget report and legislative priorities for 2009-2010.  Handouts regarding background and issues were provided.


CE (D) 1            Proposed Amendments to Commissioner's Regulations, Section 90.7- Certificates for Librarians in Registered Public, Free Association and Indian Libraries

Deputy Commissioner Cannell introduced Carol Desch, Coordinator of Statewide Library Services and Director of the Division of Library Development, who presented on the above item and provided some background information from the July 2008 CE Committee meeting at which a presentation was given by the leadership of the New York Library Association.  After that presentation in July, the Regents directed the State Library to move forward with proposed amendments to the Commissioner’s Regulations, Section 90.7 Certificates for librarians in registered free, public, and Indian libraries.  Ms. Desch began her presentation that the proposed amendment presented today, is consistent with NYLA’s proposal, and will require ongoing professional development for new public librarians throughout their careers.  Beginning in January 2010,  all new public librarians that receive a public librarian professional certificate from the State Education Department will be required to participate in 60 hours of professional development every five-year period.  This amendment is an important step towards implementing Regents statewide policy for libraries as outlined in the report of the Regents Commission on Libraries and would strengthened the public librarian certification process to promote excellence in New York’s library workforce.


Ms. Desch gave examples of acceptable professional development activities/programs and providers - all of which would need approval by the employer or the State Library.  Ms. Desch spoke about what the estimated costs to individual public librarian certificate holders might be over each five-year period.  And, emphasized that those costs could vary greatly depending on the individual’s selection of professional development provider; whether an individual takes advantage of free continuing education provided by the library systems and the State Library or if he/she chooses to pursue an advanced degree from an accredited institution of higher education. 


The public comment period for this item ends on November 17, 2008 with no comments being received to date.  The State Library will continue to be responsible for administering the public librarian certification program, implementing the new requirements and monitoring compliance.  If the Regents approve this amendment to Section 90.7 at the December meeting, the State Library and the New York Library Association have agreed to work together with the library systems to inform the graduate schools of library and information science and the public library community about the new certification requirements, to publicize low cost and no cost professional development activities and to promote the importance of ongoing professional development for all librarians.


A Question and Answer period followed and was recommended for approval in December.


CE (D) 2      Proposed Amendments to Commissioner's Regulations, Section 90.18, School Library Systems

Carol Desch introduced the next presenter, Joseph Mattie, Library Development Specialist II.  The proposed amendments to this regulation will update and clarify terminology relating to school library systems and will make the regulations consistent with recent changes in related Commissioner’s regulations and Education Law.

School library systems are state-established and state-funded programs located in the BOCES and the Big Five Cities that provide coordinated and cost effective library services to school libraries.  Eligible members include school districts and nonpublic schools.  There are currently 41 school library systems in New York State.  Mr. Mattie continued his presentation stating the proposed amendments to CR 90.18 will:

  • Update technology references;
  • Define new administrative certification requirements for school library system directors reflected in CR Part 80, moving from the old title of SAS (School Administrator and Supervisor) to SBL (School Building Leader);
  • Revise the formula funding factors for consistency with Chapter 57 of the Laws of 2005;
  • Streamline the approval process of the school library system’s five-year plan of service;
  • Reconcile inconsistent terminology used for BOCES and the Big 5 Cities programs in describing the position of district “liaison” and “communications coordinator” to the uniform descriptor of “communications coordinator;” and
  • Update terminology describing the administrative structure within the New York City Department of Education.


Recommended for approval.


CE (D) 4      Annual Report on Public TV's Educational Services for the Current Year

(Copies of this report were provided to Board members prior to the meeting for their review.)

Deputy Commissioner Cannell introduced Liz Hood, Director of the Office of Educational Television & Public Broadcasting.  Ms. Hood, presented on the educational services provided by New York’s public television stations during the 2007-08 school year. It was noted that the stations spent about five times the amount required under the statute on these services.


In addition, the stations’ online collection of instructional video resources was used by about 76% of teachers in the state, and that the stations had reached more than 22,000 individuals with early childhood literacy workshops and professional development sessions for teachers.


The services provided include early childhood literacy programming, parent and caregiver education, classroom resources, educational television programs, online multimedia, professional development events and online courses, adult education programs, and a broad range of community events for all ages.


The meeting was opened for questions and answers and comments.


Copies of this report were also provided for meeting attendees.


Meeting Adjourned at 12:00 p.m.