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Meeting of the Board of Regents | June 2006

Thursday, June 1, 2006 - 11:00pm

Appendix II





     9                                 ARTICLE 40



    11  Section 40.01. Short title.

    12          40.03. Definitions.

    13          40.05. New York state cultural education trust.

    14          40.07. Purpose of trust.

    15          40.09. Reports.

    16          40.11. Assistance of other agencies.

    17          40.13. Members not to profit.

    18    �  40.01.  Short  title. This title shall be known and may be cited as

    19  the "New York state cultural education trust act".

    20    � 40.03. Definitions. When used or referred to in this  title,  unless

    21  otherwise  specified, the following terms shall have the following mean-

    22  ing:

    23    1. "Trust" shall mean the trust  created  by  section  40.05  of  this

    24  title.

    25    2.  "Board" shall mean the board of the trust created by section 40.05

    26  of this title.

    27    3. "Board of regents" shall mean the board of regents of the universi-

    28  ty of the state of New York.

    29    � 40.05. New York state cultural education trust. 1.  A  trust  to  be

    30  known as the "New York state cultural education trust" is hereby created

    31  under  the jurisdiction of the state education department and its exist-

    32  ence shall commence with the appointment of the members of the board  as

    33  provided herein.

    34    2.  The board shall consist of five members as follows: the chancellor

    35  of the board of regents of the university of the state of New York,  who

    36  shall  serve  as  the  chair;  one member of the board of regents, to be

    37  appointed by the commissioner of education; one member appointed by  the

    38  governor; one member appointed by the majority leader of the senate; and

    39  one  member  appointed  by  the  speaker of the assembly. Members of the

    40  board, other than the representative of the board of regents,  shall  be

    41  appointed  to the board based on their knowledge and background as rele-

    42  vant to the purposes of the trust, or, due to their experience and know-

    43  ledge in the fields of New York state history,  collection  display  and

    44   management or other related fields.

    45    3.  The  member  of  the board of regents appointed to the board shall

    46  serve at the pleasure of the commissioner of education and shall serve a

    47  term equivalent to his or her term as a member of the board of  regents.

    48  The  commissioner  may reappoint the same member of the board of regents

    49  as his or her appointee for so long as such regent remains a  member  of

    50  the board of regents.

    51    4. The initial terms of the appointees of the governor, the speaker of

    52  the  assembly  and the majority leader of the senate shall be staggered,

    53  with the governor's appointment expiring after one  year,  the  majority

    54  leader  of  the  senate's  appointment  expiring after two years and the

        A. 10256                           46


     1  speaker of the assembly's appointment expiring after  three  years.  All

     2  subsequent appointments shall be for three years.

     3    5.  Members  may  be  reappointed  and  may serve two consecutive full

     4  terms, in addition to the terms of their original appointments, but  not

     5  more  than nine consecutive years.  Each member shall continue in office

     6  until such member's successor has been appointed and  qualifies.    Such

     7  continuation  in  office  shall  not be counted in determining whether a

     8  member has served nine consecutive years.   In the event  of  a  vacancy

     9  occurring  in  the  office of any member of the board, other than by the

    10  expiration of a member's term, such vacancy  shall  be  filled  for  the

    11  balance  of the unexpired term, if applicable, in the same manner as the

    12  original appointment.

    13    6. The members of the board  shall  serve  without  compensation,  but

    14  shall  be  entitled  to  reimbursement  of  their  actual  and necessary

    15  expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.

    16    7. The powers of the trust shall be  vested  in  and  exercised  by  a

    17   majority of the members thereof.

    18    �  40.07.  Purpose of the trust.  The purpose of the trust shall be to

    19   prepare and recommend a plan, in cooperation with  the  commissioner  of

    20  education,  to  the director of the budget regarding projects to enhance

    21  the public display of the collections and exhibits of the state  museum,

    22  library and archives.

    23    � 40.09. Reports.  Not later than ninety days following the end of the

    24  state  fiscal  year the trust shall annually submit to the governor, the

    25  majority leader of the senate and the speaker of the assembly  a  report

    26  on the priorities and finances of the trust.

    27    �  40.11.  Assistance  of other agencies.  The trust board may request

    28  from any state agency or political subdivision of the state and the same

    29  are authorized to provide such assistance and information as will enable

    30  it to carry out its purpose and powers pursuant to this title.

    31    � 40.13. Members not to profit.  No member of the trust shall  receive

    32  or  may  be  lawfully  entitled to receive any pecuniary profit from the

    33  operation of the trust.