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Regents 2008 Board Report

Regents 2008 Board Report: The Professions

Protecting the Public

In 2008, the Regents continued its mission of protecting the public by fostering high standards of professional licensure, practice and discipline. Specifically, the Office of Professions (OP) licensed 50,000 new applicants, re-registered 250,000 professional licensees, investigated over 7,000 complaints of professional misconduct, and took disciplinary action where warranted.

Here are details of 2008's accomplishments:

  • Online registration renewal is now available for 250,000 licensees each year.
  • Process improvements, the integration of technology, increased use of scanning, and implementation of web-based tools will enable OP to better provide information to the public and licensees in response to the hundreds of thousands of questions asked and answered each year.
  • Fully implemented the licensed clinical laboratory technology professions. By the end of 2008, approximately 17,000 people were licensed, with additional licensees in restricted practice areas.
  • Implemented new authority of pharmacists to administer influenza and pneumococcal immunizations. architect at work


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