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Regents 2008 Board Report

Regent 2008 Board Report: Photo Credits

little girl smilingAll the photographs pictured in this report are of New York State students, teachers and professionals. Many thanks to these partners for providing the photos:


  • Albany City Schools
  • New York State Summer School for the Arts
  • Office of the Professions
  • Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES
  • New York Public Library

Table of Contents: Albany City Schools

Page 2: Schenectady City Schools, Monticello City Schools, Albany City Schools

Page 3: Office of Facilities and Business Services: Publications Group

Page 4: Schenectady City Schools, Wells College, New York State Office of General Services (for artwork “Dream” by Smithtown Elementary School 5th Grade, for 2009 Dr. Martin Luther King Fine Arts and Essay Display)

Page 5: Buffalo City Schools

Page 6: Schenectady City Schools (2 photos), Monticello City Schools

Page 7: Buffalo City Schools, Schenectady City Schools (2 photos)

Page 8: Yonkers Public Schools

Page 9: Yonkers Public Schools

Page 10: St. John’s University

Page 12: Buffalo City Schools, Albany City Schools (2 photos), Monticello City Schools

Page 14: Albany City Schools

Page 15: New York State School for the Deaf, Rockland BOCES, Orange-Ulster BOCES, Rochester District Office (VESID)

Page 16: Office of the Professions (2 photos)

Page 17: New York State Museum, Thirteen/WNET, WNED-TV

Page 18: New York State Archives, New York State Summer Reading Posters: Collaborative Summer Library Program, New York Public Library

Page 19: Buffalo City Schools

Page 20: Buffalo City Schools

Page 21: Buffalo City Schools

Back cover: Regents Office


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April 8, 2009