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Regents 2008 Board Report

Regents 2008 Board Report: Message from the Commissioner
The Regents choose a Commissioner who heads the State Education Department and also serves as the President of USNY. The Regents set policy while the Commissioner has responsibility for carrying out policy.

Commissioner Richard Mills
Richard P. Mills

President of The University and

Commissioner of Education

New York and the nation are in a difficult place with this economy. We work our way out of this situation, and also need to think our way out. For individuals, families, and the whole community of New York, that means we must use this crisis to improve our knowledge and skill. That is the Regents mission.

We need everyone now: to graduate from high school and complete some post-secondary education; to have the capability to work in a global economy, grapple with complex questions as a citizen, and contribute as family and community members; and to have access to the resources of schools, colleges, libraries,museums, vocational rehabilitation and other institutions that make up The University of the State of New York.

With all the performance gains of recent years, we are troubled that so many students do not graduate. For example, high school graduation rates for black and Hispanic males, children with disabilities and children just learning English are unacceptably low. The Regents are determined to help all of them and everyone else in New York secure a better future.

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