State Aid Proposal

          The Regents State Aid proposal for 2007 would ask for adequate resources through state-local partnerships so all students have the opportunity to achieve state learning standards.  This would be the fourth year of a multi-year initiative recommending transition to a foundation program based on the cost of educating students in successful school districts.  Funding support for Early Childhood Education initiatives is included in the Regents State Aid proposal.


Streamlining School Planning & Reporting

          Would streamline planning and reporting requirements for school districts and BOCES by reducing duplicative and burdensome separate reporting systems. Existing requirements would be replaced to the extent practicable with comprehensive, streamlined systems based on comprehensive data collection and planning and consistent with current systems of student accountability. The result would be streamlined systems aligned with the expectations inherent in a results-oriented, standards-based education system.


IDEA Reauthorization Conforming Legislation

Would amend relevant state law to conform to final federal regulations for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which was reauthorized in 2004.


Increased Access to College for Students with Disabilities

            Would establish a grant program to improve access for students with disabilities to more postsecondary institutions and their services.


Update Public Accountancy Statute

          Would update the public accountancy statute for the first time since 1947. Revisions would include: clarifying services deemed to be within the scope of professional practice; overseeing the practice of peripheral services by licensees within business corporations; requiring that all licensees and firms that provide professional services to the public be registered; the authority to conduct firm inspections; and an enhanced mandatory quality review program. 


Fee for Accreditation of Institutions of Higher Education

          Would authorize SED to charge a fee for accreditation, similar to other accrediting organizations.


Fee for Enforcement Against Illegal Professional Practice

          Would grant SED authority to charge a $10 fee on a three-year professional license to pay for the cost of enforcement against persons practicing a licensed professional without a license.


Retirees in Teaching Shortage Areas

          Would remove pension earnings cap to allow teachers certified in shortage areas who have been retired for at least one year to return to teaching for up to three years.



New York Knowledge Initiative

          This initiative, previously New Century Libraries, is renamed to feature libraries as knowledge centers and community spaces providing information for today’s and tomorrow’s New Yorkers. NOVEL will focus on information for innovation and achievement through libraries.  Make library construction grant funds permanent.


Museum Education Programs

          Funding for museums and historical societies to increase standards-based instruction in science, social science and the humanities for K-12 schools.